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What is EZDAHER Platform?

Born from a global vision of responsible impact lending, EZDAHER is a leading regional Fintech platform stemming from 21 years of experience in B2B funding. Our comprehensive finance and asset management platform serves entrepreneurs and investors, aiming to create jobs, stimulate economies, and contribute to clean energy.

As part of the AVANA family of companies, we provide access to responsible capital for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) while offering socially-driven investment opportunities that preserve wealth and foster growth. Join EZDAHER today and be part of our mission to empower businesses and investors globally.

Women-Owned Business

Responsible funding for SMEs tailored funds for women-owned businesses

Hospitality Finance Solutions

For hotel entrepreneurs in KSA, including construction, refinancing, purchasing, and FF&E financing

Investment Opportunities

Socially-driven investment backed by 21 years of experience in B2B finance

Our Social and Economical Impact

We go beyond simply providing financial products; our comprehensive approach includes consulting services to guide our customers on how to best utilize these financial proucts, reducing risks and maximizing their potential for business growth. We believe in supporting our clients every step of the way, ensuring their success and prosperity. Furthermore, Ezdaher is proud to align with the Saudi 2030 vision.

We actively contribute to the achievement of this ambitious national agenda, which aims to transform Saudi Arabia into a thriving, diversified, and sustainable economy. By investing in our communities and offering innovative products and services, we are dedicated to improving the quality of life for people in the region.

Creating Opportunities for Individual Investors

Ezdaher is not just a lending platform; it is a comprehensive fintech platform that caters to both entrepreneurs and investors. With 21 years of global experience, Ezdaher understands the diverse needs of investors and offers an investment platform designed to provide steady monthly cash flow and trustworthy returns.

At Ezdaher, we are committed to streamlining access to investment opportunities. Through our seamless platform, individual investors can co-invest with institutions in niche industries, ensuring an equal footing and fostering growth by bridging market gaps.

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